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At Smart Kids, we design each app carefully by selecting questions in accordance to state curriculum. The Sixth Grade app makes learning fun through useful questions and clear explanations; categories of Math, English, Science, and Social are available to provide your child with the best and most up-to-date practice possible. As 6th grade marks the transition to middle school for many, the sixth grade app features specific content to ensure the best results. With the Sixth Grade app, parents are provided with an app that emphasizes learning through practice and understanding, perfect for use at home, at school, and even for fun!

Subjects covered:

  • -Algebra: (Basic algebraic equations and functions).
  • -Decimals: (Arithmetic and word problems for practice with decimals).
  • -Geometry: (Basic geometry with an emphasis on structure identification and calculations).

  • -Grammar: (Grammar practice with an emphasis on 6th grade grammatical laws).
  • -Sentence: (Emphasis on sentence and paragraph structure).
  • -Spelling: (Identification and practice for spelling of 6th grade words).
  • -Comprehension: (Paragraph reading with an emphasis on general comprehension).
  • -General: (Specific practice on antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms).

  • -Chemical Science: (Introduction to 6th grade chemistry).
  • -Earth Science: (Basic concepts of earth geology).
  • -Physical Science: (Expansion on scientific measurements and calculations).

  • -Economics: (Introduction to basic supply and demand and other economic concepts).
  • -History: (Introduction to Western society and history).
  • -Culture: (Practice for understanding and interpreting cultural references and ideas).
  • -Current World Events: (Practice on applying principles to modern events) .

Our questions are designed in accordance to various 6th grade state curriculums. 6th state curriculum varies slightly from state to state; as such, there may be brief variation in the question content. However, the app is designed to give the best practice for all subjects included, including that of all state curriculum. More content is constantly being tested and added to provide variety and more in-depth practice.
As always, we value your feedback. Please email us at for suggestions, comments, or general feedback. We look forward to hearing from you!