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***** Best Elementary APP Award Third Place Winner for 2011 *****

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Famigo Approved:
4th Grade for 7" Tablets is a great educational app for kids and tweens. Kids can choose math, English, science or social categories to learn about, with subcategories within each topic. The subject matter is specifically designed to help kids review state curriculum material and practice for standardized tests!
Easy to Use, Educational, Good Challenge Range, Good for Road Trips, Solid Interface


Smart Kids is an educational one-stop-app for elementary students to learn Math, English, Science and Social. It is developed with the concept of providing high quality education.

  • -Common Core Standards curriculum is taken in to consideration.
  • -Maintained high standards and framed good quality questions in all subjects.
  • -Some questions follow True or False pattern to explain the concepts.
  • -Explanations are provided for some hard questions to guide the kid in learning the concepts.
  • -Performance card is provided to keep track of each subject score.
  • -Performance card helps parents to easily analyze which subjects the kid excels and scope to improve.

Subjects covered:

  • Multiplications(Easy number multiplications to Hard word problems). .
  • Divisions(Easy number divisions to Hard word problems).
  • Geometry.
  • Fractions.
  • General.

  • Grammar(Punctuations, Adverbs and Adjectives).
  • Sentence(Fill in the blanks, Complete sentences).
  • Spelling(Identify the correct spelled word).
  • General.

  • Life science.
  • Earth Science.
  • Physical Science.

  • Geography(States, Capitals, State Nicknames, and Outline Maps).
  • Civics (Basic functionality of Government branches like Legislative, Judicial and Executive).
  • History(American History and Historic Places).
  • General(Time Zones like EST, CST and PST).