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Smart Kids is an educational one-stop-app for elementary students to learn Math, English, Science and Social. It is developed with the concept of providing high quality education. The app is designed in a kid-friendly manner with easy to navigate screens.

***** Best Elementary APP Award for our First and Second grade for 2011 *****

App Reviews:

  • -Common Core Standards curriculum is taken in to consideration.
  • -Maintained high standards and framed good quality questions in all subjects.
  • -Some questions follow True or False pattern to explain the concepts.
  • -Explanations are provided for some hard questions to guide the kid in learning the concepts.
  • -Performance card is provided to keep track of each subject score.
  • -Performance card helps parents to easily analyze which subjects the kid excels and scope to improve.

Subjects covered:

  • Additions(Easy number additions to Hard word problems).
  • Subtractions(Easy number subtractions to Hard word problems).
  • Geometry(Identify shapes, Number of sides and vertices from Triangle to Decagon).
  • Fractions(fractions to understand the concepts).
  • Time(Reading different clocks, Hours and minutes concepts).
  • General(Concepts Even numbers, Odd numbers and Number patterns).

  • Grammar(Punctuations, Compound words, Nouns).
  • Sentence(Fill in the blanks, Complete sentences).
  • Spelling(Identify the correct spelled word).
  • General(Plurals, Antonyms, Synonyms).

  • Life science (Basic understanding of Plants and Animals).
  • Earth Science (Measuring concepts like Pounds, Fahrenheit, Miles and Gallons).
  • Physical Science(Concepts for material states like Solids, Liquids and Gases).

  • Geography(States, Capitals, State Nicknames, and Outline Maps).
  • Civics (Basic functionality of Government branches like Legislative, Judicial and Executive).
  • History(American History and Historic Places).
  • General(Time Zones like EST, CST and PST).