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hat makes the First Grade Common Core App different from others? At Suma Solutions, we design each app carefully by selecting questions in accordance to Common Core Standards. The First Grade app makes learning fun through useful questions and clear explanations; categories of Math and English are available to provide your child with the best and most up-to-date practice possible. With the First Grade app, parents are provided with an app that emphasizes learning through practice and understanding, perfect for use at home, at school, and even for fun!

***** Best Elementary APP Award Third Place Winner for 2011 *****

App Reviews:

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Subjects covered:

  • Additions: (Emphasis on simple addition to word problems).
  • Subtractions: (Emphasis on simple subtraction to word problems.
  • Geometry: (Simple identification of shapes and fractions).
  • General:(Basic mathematical skills used in first grade curriculum).

  • Grammar: (Practice featuring various types of grammar and punctuation).
  • Sentence: (Rudimentary sentence writing and selection practice).
  • Spelling: (Practice with proper spelling and identification).
  • General: (General English skills in accordance to first grade curriculum) .

Disclosure For Parents:
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